Thinking Out Loud!


Teehee! Is that loud enough for you guys😉

I always find that when things are in capital letters they always seem more ‘bold’ and in a non literal sense- Kinda loud, no?

Yes I am making 2 posts in one day, mainly because

Let’s get to it, shall we🙂


1- It was my first day back at school today and you know when you finish holiday’s and you start thinking about all the extra revision you could of maybe done or that maybe you could of done more? Uugh I hate that feel’n:/ but then my Bio teacher said something really ingenious as she strolled into class- It went a lil like this ‘Welcome back Girls!’-She’s always so prim and proper with us😆 ‘I know you are probably thinking that maybe you could of done more work and revision during the holidays but I just want to remind you that there’s no point on dwelling on what you could of done, no need to look into the past as it is now time to look forward! so leave the dwelling behind and let’s get started!’ It really helped me get over the pity party I was throwing myself😆

2- Whilst Reflecting on the holidays it helped me realise that I had a super relaxing and productive time and has left me feeling at peace with how I handled my time during the holidays😀 I saw friends, slept in, worked out, did some school work, went out and stayed in, watched tons of movies and just enjoyed myself! That’s what really counts aint it!?😀

3- IMG-20140425-WA001My friend and I at the St.Johns College Rugby Festival! It was a pretty average event but being with my friends was lovely and this photo just made me realise how long my hair has grown!😮 BABY GANDHI! hehehehe

4- It’s pretty much Winter now and it’s BREEEEEEEEEEEEE.EEE.EEE…EEE..EEEZING!😥 so very very sehr sehr cold😮 BUT Winter means snuggly clothes, warm fires, hot drinks, furry socks and perfect movie weather❤

5- Winter is my favourite season😀 just putting it out there😉

6- I LOVE CEREAL, like I think I’m addicted way too in love with the stuff, but I don’t care😀 They say Breakfast is the most Important meal of the day and Cereal is one of the most widely popular and widely used mode of breakfast SO aint nothing but a thang is what I say😆 see my logic there😉😉

7- I love Les Mills! Before starting it, you couldn’t really see my muscle definition and I wasn’t as toned but now…IMG_1280Hello! I could be a young Popeye the sailor gal😉 I do love my Greens😀😆

8- This weekend I’m going to a Prom After Party and I am super duper excited! -Let’s get Jiggy😆

9- Watched Cloud Atlas and it’s AMAZING! The peoples eye colours made me want to buy coloured eye contact lenses to rock like a different eye colour whilst out shopping or at a party or get together and see if people notice/think it’s my real eye colour!😀 teehee

10- I really like weight lifting, it’s kinda fun and I dig the burn after!Johannesburg-20140501-01073


Late WIAW! #3

Ola Mi Amigo’s!

Pardon me for my late WIAW(WIAT) post will you? pwetty pwetty please, with your favourite topping on top because not everybody loves cherries!😉❤

Today was my first day back at school…It wasn’t too bad! But of course I got homework on the first day back😀 Last Year in High-school aint nobody got time for games!😆

So Let’s get right into it shall we?

OOh! and P.s Thank you Jenn over at😉

Peas and Crayons

Breakfast was a delicious Grrrrreen Smoothie! getting my veggies up in ma’System😀😆

Johannesburg-20140504-01096Simply Blended 1 Frozen Banana, 2 frozen Kiwi’s, almost 1/2 spoon xanthan gum, bunch spinach leaves, 1 teaspoon Morenga and a squeeze of lemon juice and Voila!😛

Lunch was a lovely Wrap made with whatever was in the fridge tbh!😆

In the midst of it's creation!

In the midst of it’s creation!



And lastly Dinner was an insanely amazing, superb salad I created! which took a good amount of effort(more than I usually put into dinner anyways! teehee) it involved spiralizing, blanching, mixing, tries and fails, chopping(haha! obvies) and it was soo worth it! I savoured every.single.bite😆😀 YUMJohannesburg-20140503-01087


Anywho! how was your ‘Thursday’ and have you tried Spiralizing yet? 

Chat soon Xx Imzie❤My blog signiture


Five things Friday! #2


Hi yoll!

TGIF woohee!😆

Is it just me or does it feel like days of the week don’t matter when you are on holiday?! I mean, I usually keep track of the days because of my schedule but days don’t actually hold as much value as they do when not on holiday!😆😀 Like the Blues Monday! or Thrifty Thursday and then the obvious TGIFriday😉

I don’t know if it’s only me but that’s what I feel anywho!😆

Img source-

Time to get crazy with Five things Friday thanks to Clare @ Fitting It All In and Friday favs courtesy of Katie @ running 4 cupcakes!Five Things Friday Fri_Favs

#1- My Nike Leggings that I purchased, They are AMAAAAZZZING! woohoo😀 They fit like a glove, they are super comfy, they look amazing on and are super duper-Like a crazy trooper, flattering😉😆 As a girl, let’s not pretend like we don’t all wanna look somewhat good at the gym! hehehe, well I do anyways- That doesn’t mean full blown make-up or anything but I couple boys I know go to my gym, so I want to look presentable😉

#2- Almond Milk- yes this baby is on my fav list! Tomorrow I am going to attempt making my own Almond Milk hehehe, yes you read right! and it is going to be spectacular I tell you, Almond breeze won’t have a thing on this girl😉 I found the recipe I shall use on ‘Oh She Glow’s’ website-( but I’m going to tweek it and use stevia to sweeten it and vanilla essence for that vanilla-my-nilla flava-flaaav! and use a strainer instead of a nut mylk bag-because I don’t have one(Yet, if this experiment is a success, I will convince mum to invest in one!)😉

#3- My Workout yesterday, I wasn’t feeling it AT ALL and was on the verge of leaving literally 5mins after arriving but embarrassment stopped me from doing that – Am I the only one who is totally freaked out by being seen leaving the gym straight after arriving? Hehe, I just caaaaan’t! But t’was actually a pretty good workout😀 LOL

#4- Vikings! I mean, I know it’s a bit Violent and gruesome but it’s also spectacularly interesting has a beautiful story line, setting, amazing characters(I would marry crazy blue-eyed Ragnar!❤ ) hehe weird yes, true though Hellz yeah!


#5- Smoothies and Tea as per usual! I just loooove the 2 and my week wouldn’t be complete without Tea and smoothies! Johannesburg-20140411-01018

Now for Friday Favourites😀

#1- This gal>l  Her name is Cambria and she has this AMAZING youtube blog called “breeloves beauty” (‎ and it has fantastic tips, is really quirky and fantastic entertainment😆

#2- Vegan Cuts- Vegan snack box! If I had spare change I would toets be on that ordering chain(soon…soon!)

#3-How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days😆 It’s a classic!😉

#4-Deciding whether I should wish for an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S! Who knows which is better?🙂

#5- Meditation and yoga is super duper relaxing❤😀

I hope you all had a lovely Friday!

Question- iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S? and any plans for this weekend?

xx Imzie❤My blog signiture


Thursday Thoughts #2

Good day everybody!

So today I’m hitting up Thinking out loud courtesy of the lovely Amanda over at🙂Thinking-Out-Loud

Let me jump right in!😉😆

#1- Apple cider vinegar smells rank! there I said it:/ it smells so bad you guys, but you know the ol’saying “no pain, no gain” okay😀 a tad dramatic as I’m not in actual pain but my sinuses are! But I have seen some improvement, we’ll just have to wait and see after a week🙂

#2- I got my Nike Pro gym leggings! woohoo, I bought them myself as a YOLO statement and they are amazing😀 literally, Nike knows what they are doing with those leggings! they are just the right amount of tight and fits like a glove to your body shape- I adore them!

Img Source--($_35.JPG)

#3- Almonds and raisins= Best snack combo ever! except I can never control myself around raisins or grapes hehe, I just can’t stop when it tastes soo darn good!😀 :lol

Img source-(

#4- Les Mills- I’ve been doing it for a while now and it’s amazing! I wanted to switch up my workout routine one day and now I’m hooked😀Img Source-(

#5- Holiday ends soon for me- so, so sad😦😥


#6- I really need a new phone😀 I’m dying over here, I need to convince the mumzie to partake in my adventure of getting a new one

#7- Revision today, it has to be done! why is the television always wanting to distract me or the wall, I mean staring blankly at the wall seems so much more fun😆😀

#8- I’ve almost finished the novel I’m reading, which is Labyrinth by Kate Mosse and so far it is absoluuuuuuutely fantastic😀Img source-

Heehe, well that’s all from me!

Question- Any thoughts your side of the tracks? Have any of you tried Les Mills?

Have a fantastical day! xx Imzie❤My blog signiture


Hi Guys!

so keeping up with the trend, this is my second What Iman Ate Wednesday! teehee😆

Before we start let me update you on my life😉

The job I was hoping to get…well guess what?! I’ve got a trial run!😀 woohoo! I went to meet the Boss yesterday and he took in my C.V we talked and he was like “how old are you?’ I sort of lied and said 18(because I’m actually 17, buut I’m 18 in October so I’m “practically” 18!) hehehe and he was like “woah you’re young’ and I was like “yeah..hehehe..but the youth are eager to work hard and learn new skills!” and he was like “yes. And sometimes you’d be left alone in the shop, what do you think about that?” and I was like “I’m a fantastic Multi-tasker and I can sell anything😉 ”

Anyways, he says he’s going to call me for a trial run but me being optimistic, I think I’ll show that trial run who’s boss!😆

Now back to my eats and thank you Jenn over @ for hosting WIAW :D

Peas and Crayons

Breakfast was a lovely berry smoothie bowl! my new berry-licious creation😉 (recipe still to come!)

Berry Delicious Smoothie Bowl

Berry Delicious Smoothie Bowl

Lunch was an awesome errythang salad, which I finally tried out spiralizing veggies with! Why have I never spiralized veggies before? I mean it’s amazing stuff! no jokes :D  I topped it with a Japanese fusion dressing(soy sauce, lemon juice, mixed spices) and a side of rice crackers topped with avo-hummus(yummy yum yum!)


The redness is the spice mix! I do like things spicy ;)

The redness is the spice mix! I do like things spicy😉

rice-cracks-avo-humI had Les Mills Body Pump in the afternoon for an hour and then I did about 30mins of abs and then I had dance fit for another hour which was super duper fun! And a really busy day so when I came home I was HANGRY!😀

For dinner I whipped up a super yummy Green Monster smoothie!😀 it was the bee’s knee’s!😀 green monster 1So, I’ve started using Apple Cider Vinegar on my face and having it In the mornings as of yesterday in the hopes that it will help with my teenage-blemish prone skin! I’ve read some amazing reviews about it and I’ll update you all on my progress😉

Question: Have any of you tried Apple Cider Vinegar? Who loves smoothie’s and what’s your fav combo?!

Chat soon! xx ImzieMy blog signiture


MIMM! #2

hey hey heeey!

how are ye all today? How was your weekend? what did you get up to?(Leave a comment and let lil ol’ me know!)

So, my weekend was fabulous! and very very chilled, like super duper chilled😀

Today I’ll be linking up with Katie over at to share the marvelousness in my Montag(I love German and learned it for 2 years, also my baby sis is of German origin! didn’t you know? I had to drop it when I moved back to S.A and had to take up Afrikaans again, but I hope to pick it up again when I go to Uni)

MiMM MIMM #95  On the Move, Yoga Filled, and Heart Opening Weekend

Let me first just explain why my weekend was so fantastical and chilled! I finally had a chance to read and not just any old reading but a full Sunday of pure, undisturbed reading time! Just me in my room-alone!😀 (Yes, I do like to chill alone…I like me time!)😉

My Monday has been amazeballs! why?…

I’ve been thinking about getting a job for a while now! It may not be the wisest choice when I’m in matric but I work good under pressure and I like to be Independent- I don’t always wanna ask my mum for money like I’m a mommy’s girl! I never use to have to as I’ve practically had a job since I was 13yrs old! I’ve bought most of my clothes, paid for my nights out, Taxi’s, entertainment etc etc! SO since not having a job I’ve been having to ask my mum(only when truly desperate would I ask though) for a wee bit of cash here and there. Anywho! So I was nervous about it but today when at the mall I saw a sign that was labelled ‘Casuals wanted!’..Confused at first I walked in and was like “Hi! I just read the sign outside and it said casuals wanted? Does that mean normal human beings like me?!” they laughed and were like ‘Yes! we need people indefinitely!’ and I was like ‘Brilliant! then could I leave my number and bring my CV by tomorrow?😀’ and we got wrapped in conversation about Dancing, the fact that the boss is a little difficult, tolerance and all this!😀 anyways, I’ve practically almost got it! HOLD YOUR FINGERS CROSSED FOR ME! and I’ll ask baby Gandhi for his guidance and watchful/hopeful eye🙂

I re-stocked my Almond Milk supply and this time I bought Almond Vanilla Coconut(A flavour I haven’t tried) and I’m super duper excited to try it! teehee!

My breakfast this morning was marvellous! I made a delicious smoothie bowl! who just adores an ice-cream like texture to their smoothie bowls? I can’t unless it’s like ice-creamy texture ya’know!😀😆 Recipe soon to come!😉

Berry Delicious Smoothie Bowl

Berry Delicious Smoothie Bowl

What else was marvellous in my Monday was going to the Nike store to check out the leggings and shorts I’ve been dreaming about! I’m going to the Nike outlet later on this week to go potentially buy myself shorts and leggings! I’ve been yearning for them!

Img source-(


What else is marvellous in my Monday is that if I get the job(Which I am keeping optimistic and positive that I will get it!) I need to go on a proper shopping trip to get that retail girl style😉 and style for life! so I’ve asked my dad to take me shopping😀 why? because his style is on point and I trust his advice( He helped design my Prom dress :D) So I’m very excited about that! teehee!

Lastly what else is marvellous in my Monday are all the amazing links and blog posts I’ve been reading! Such as Amanda @ post about her link love(! and Alison over @ and her post about fantastic fats( – Seriously you should check those links out!😀😉

Hope you had a lovely day and weekend!

Question: What did you get up to over the weekend? What was marvellous in your Monday?

Lots of live! Xx Imzie!😉❤My blog signiture



Five Things Friday #1!

Five Things Friday Fri_Favs

So this is my first Five things Friday thanks to Clare @ Fitting It All In and my first Friday favs courtesy of Katie @ running 4 cupcakes, so I thought it only fitting to name my week an adventure of trying out new things! If you’ve seen my previous posts you’d find it quite fitting, no?

1- I am sharing with you a new discovery or creation really! I call it Yumballz- why? why such a ridonculous name you ask? why because not only is it yummy! but it is also in a bowl!😆 hahaha! ingenious😉

yumballz 1

How do you make this bowl of crazy deliciousness you ask? well let me share a lil secret with’s so easy you could ask your blindfolded monkey to do it! yes..bananie my monkey even did it for me!😉😆

What you need-

  • Handful or 2 handfuls of your fav cereal as the base,
  • Handful or 2 handfuls of raisins,
  • Half a paw-paw peeled and chopped,
  • Handful or 2 handfuls of almonds and then cover with your milk of choice! and voila, a delicious bowl of oh soo much goodness😉

2- I am now loving gym shorts, I don’t know why? I have never dared to wear shorts before just-cause you know? like literally you won’t believe me but I’ve worn shorts maybe twice in my life in public😯:/ yeaah awkward! I’ve just never had the confidence but lately I’ve been tempted to rock a pair at the gym and out…I donno though!

Img source-

Img source(

3- Heels, I wanna rock a pair of heels with my jeans like the Jenner sisters😀 I just don’t know if I have enough guts to do it just-cause😆 and I am yearning for some PB2! WHY CAN’T S.A STOCK IT, life isn’t the same without it’s variety giving goodness :'(


4- It’s meant to be spring or autumn or whatever but instead it feels like winter! Global warming much- jokes aside😐😯 But on a real level, is anyone else noticing the shift in terms of temperature and that? I mean I’m not a crazy doomsday prepper  but I sure wish I had one as a mate JUST IN CASE lol😆😀 I laugh because I’m not joking, Iman no likey!

5- The Amazing Spiderman 2 is out today! whoohoo whoohoo, I’m a spidey-fan alright😆 Don’t judge😀 I’m going to go see it with the lil brother and that boy I’m always on about(the friends with benefits one) will be there too with his crew and I adore his older brother! he reminds me of Goofy from that Micky Mouse series!

Anywho! hope Yoll are having an eventful Friday! xx Imzie


Thrusday Thoughts-Thinking out loud #1

Thinking-Out-Loud2Let me take a #Selfie!

Anybody else been jamming to that new song?😆 I have anyways! hehe, since hearing it, it’s BEEN on replay in my head so when I look at people all I can hear is “Let Me Take A Selfie” what is this😯😀 LOL

So this is my first Thinking out loud- courtesy of the lovely Amanda@ runningwithspoons🙂

1- I just realized in my WIAW post I talk about this product called Nuun but I don’t explain what it is :shy: teehee! Brunette syndrome, my mind works faster than my fingers so I thought I already elaborated on it😉 Well Nuun is like this rehydration tablet that you pop into your bottle/glass of water, it fizzes for a bit and infuses flavour into the water and contains all this electrolytes and what-not! The flavour I picked was really average and not at all that tasty so that’s why I gave it a pass but I am willing to try it again- Maybe a different flavour?

2- It is suppose to be Spring in South Africa but instead it feels like Winter! Can I get a ‘Global Warming’ Much?😯

3- I watched the Escape plan last night with my familia and t’was awesome! I was bit apprehensive about Sylvester and Arnold but waahaay I thought it was soo kick-ass😆 don’t judge till you watch it- what I learned last night😉

4- I made an amazing kiwi-nana smoothie this morning- it was de-li-cious😀😆 :-p

5- I love tea.

6- I’m on holiday now but my English teacher(as well as all my other teachers) advised us to do some revision and work during the guess what I did…our English task, read over what we were suppose to read over for Life Orientation(the point was? :confused: is what I thought!) it feels good to be productive!

7- Nike makes the best motivational video’s! like OH-MA-BABY-GANDHI they are good😯

8- These are fun, I like talking bumbly-bee random stuff😀

9- Went to gym with my sister today, it was quite was her first time back to gym in like a year😆 she exclaimed that a)-She needs to stop smoking and b)-She nearly died, I comforted her and said “If it don’t hurt, you aint doing it right’- exactly like that😆 !

10- I am soo excited to see The Amazing Spider man this weekend! aaah I’m an obsessed fan😀

Well that’s all from me! any thoughts you’d like to share out loud? anything funny happen to you? Chat soon! Xx Imzie

My first WIAW!



Hi guys!

so today I decided to do something different!…my first What ‘Iman’ ate Wednesday!- convenient no? that there happens to be an I and my name starts with an I!😆😀

so this week so far has been pretty awesome! On Monday it was a public holiday so BodyPump and BodyCombat was cancel

led and I didn’t realise that until I got to gym😦 rather than being discouraged I decided to just do my usual workout and it went amazing! seriously! don’t you just love those workouts? and let’s not lie, when someone starts doing the same exercise next to you, it automatically becomes a competition😀😉

For brekkie I enjoyed a filling and delicious bowl of All Bran Flakes topped with Raw Granola and Almond Breeze Almond Coconut flava-flav! it was so delicious man! need to do a review on the Almond Breeze product soon; it adds a whole new dimension to the meal we call breakfast! it becomes sexfest in your mouth(excuse the explicitness)😀

Brekkie! :) yumballz

Brekkie!🙂 yumballz


My weekend was amazing! teehee, I didn’t plan to go out  but on Saturday I decided why not and went out with my older sister and a bunch of friends- I ended up getting home at about 4am😯😆 :D! I also met new people whom are now like my mates hehehehe😉


Johannesburg-20140420-01028Snack was Apples and PB- this snack reminds me of PB2 which I’m out of and so is the store that supplies it as it was like a once off thing for them- so sooo sad😥 anyone wanna give me a jar of that powdered crack :(… heheheheapples and PB


I also went to Bikram Yoga with my Older Brother this weekend- not part of my gym- so I can only really go if he goes or my mum does(they can drive and I can’t!) hehehe<that’s a sad laugh😀 at the studio there was this new product called nuun and I decided to try it(spot a trend, I enjoy trying new things!) I tried the strawberry lemonade and found it quite average but maybe I just need to try a different flavour?!

Lunch was an awesome salad! In the mix iceberg lettuce, rocket, basil, cucumber, tomatoes balsamic vinegar and rice cakes with avo-hummus on the side(unpictured);unch-cucumber salad

I’m still filling in University Applications but it’s no biggy! hehehe😀 what else that’s cool that occurred was that today I went to Dance Fit and it was my first time at this class anyways and after class the teacher came up to me and was like- ‘Are you a dancer or have you danced before?’ and I was like :shy: ‘yes..I use to dance hip-hop and contemporary’ and she was like ‘Really! I thought so, I can just tell when someone’s a dancer, I could smell the dancer on you!’ and I get really nervous and awks when people compliment me so I was like ‘hehe! yeah…’ and she was like ‘well I think you’re an amazing dancer! and have you ever done any competitions?’ and I was like ‘no…’ and she got all excited and was like ‘Well when you want to enter the dance world again let me give you my number and I we’ll talk’ and I was all like ‘ooh wow, yeah that would be awesome!’😀 she’s also leaving for Italy soon though to compete in some international dance competition but I was so flattered and left the gym buzzing!

Snack was a deli-li-licious nak’d food bar(picture recycled)nakd food bar

Dinner was another salad but a mix of everything possible that I can’t even recall, I was just so hungry that I threw a bunch of ish together! hehehe😀

Picture taken half-way through consumption - teehee

Picture taken half-way through consumption – teehee


Question- How has your guy’s week been and what did you get up to during the weekend?!

Lots of Love! Imzie xx

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