This morning

So, as a High-school student life can be pretty hectic! This was my morning basically, I’m at school now, teehee! Being a rebel 😉

5:15- wake-up!
5:25- start making brekkie! And what I decided to have today was All-Bran(like my 2nd fav cereal, it really is not a boring cereal! It’s delicious) with milk and a crazy amount of cinnamon, what can I say! I’m on a cinna-kick 😉 to accompany this I made a delicious thang-thang(doesn’t have a name yet!) Basically it’s 2 egg whites with this spice creation I bought that tastes like bbq but has no sugar or any additives! Literally just spices like ground ginger, cinnamon-obvies ;), paprika etc! T’was the bee’s knees and I microwaved it in an elf bowl then put on one of my weird japanese elf bowls, it was scrumptious! And makes me feel totally satisfied!

Weird but yummy combo!

Weird but yummy combo!

 6:3O- Get ready for school, got distracted by t.v, so ended up leaving late lolz! 😀

Ended up leaving at 7:35am but still arrived early like a boss, but on time if we have to get technical!

Enjoy your day you lovely people!
Xx Imzie

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