Justin Beiber?! and a recipe stumble across!

Has everyone seen JB’s new music video’s? Yeah I feel like this is going to cause a lot of controversy and different opinions but is it just me or are they creepishly good? I love the new JB( minus the unnecessary bits like the *clearthroat* prozies-cringe- and rehab and all that!) but we all make mistakes and he’s just growing up in the spotlight! so yeah, but that’s besides the point! I think he’s finally shedding he’s baby-boyish image and becoming a young adult! and Iman is liking it- teehee!

Also, I just stumbled across a new(probo not so new) recipe on a couple kick-ass blogs like: Modern Girl Nutrition( http://www.moderngirlnutrition.wordpress.com) and PB Fingers(http://www.pbfingers.com ) for a 2-ingredient pancake!

2 Ingredients what-whaat? I need to get on this train, I’d heard online whispers about it, just never took the time to look it up! now I’ve been bombarded with recipes, and I’m ganna make me some ASAP! with a weird but wonderful Imzie twist of course!

Question: What do you think about JB’s new image? and do you have any delectable 2 ingredient pancake recipes?


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