Well, not to be a drag but currently I’m soo overwhelmed with school work, it’s not a joke! I guess that’s Final year of high-school though for me πŸ˜€ :’D aa

h man, besides that I do have other interesting things to talk about!

Currently watched: 12 Years a slave; oh my word, can I just say that this is a heart-beamingly good film, but it also breaks your soul, the entire cinema were in tears #notevenkidding! it was brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

Currently Loving: Cinnamon- I’m on suuuch a cinnamon kick! putting it on and in everything πŸ˜€ literally ❀

Currently Reading: Pure by Ethan Watters and really getting into it! I’m also reading the prescribed book I have to read for this English Olympiad I’m

writing on the 4th of March πŸ™‚

Currently Listening to: The Cat Empire! I looooove the Cat empire! Loove!

Currently Preparing for: The Matric dance(also known as senior Prom) I’m going to with my really good guy friend- yes, we used to like each other but he’s an introvert and I kind of got bored and moved on, but our relationship has been CLARIFIED as I would not have gone if I didn’t establish our friendship status πŸ™‚

Currently stressing over: Pre-prelims! oh my word, they start on the

19th march! 😦 also stressing over the scene and monologue I have to perform on the 5th of March!

Currently studying for: Biology, History, Drama

Currently compiling: Research for my Life Skills Project which is…drum roll…60% of my final year mark! can I get a whaat-whaaat! o.O hehehe- that’s my sad laugh

Currently and Will always love eating: Breakfast Foods, aah the joy It brings me!

Currently Reminiscing in: My prom that was on the 1st of Feb!

That's me in the watermelon coloured dress, with the black shawl! #magnificentdance!

That’s me in the watermelon coloured dress, with the black shawl! #magnificentdance!

Question: What about you guys? what you up to? πŸ™‚ x


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