Contraversial Talk…

So, Today’s Topic is Health, more specifically “What is the definition of you being healthy?”…

Well, Is there really a definition? is it Working out strenuously every day just to fit the apparent quota of “Healthy”? erm.. I don’t think so! When exercise starts to feel like a chore or job- You are either 1.Doing it too much and your body is saying ‘Oy! I’m not a machine!, I wasn’t created by a group of crazy scientists that can keep going like a yoyo!’

Hehe! Thought you’d enjoy that 😉

Or 2.Aren’t Enjoying it as much and should most likely stop! Dear Gandhi! I mean, why force issues? I quite enjoyed Amanda from running with spoons( approach on the whole issue 🙂

Just don’t force issues 😀

Besides, when does working out 24/7 qualify you as being healthy exactly?  I mean since when is there a list of requirements for you to be able to say “Yeah I am healthy :)”…You’re right, there isn’t 😀 And now on to the second half of the qualification of being a healthy person…Healthy Eating, okay hold-up peeps don’t go ape just yet 😉

Healthy Eating, so what are the do’s and don’ts… You know there are soo many different opinions on this topic- too many for me to actually list all of them, I’d be at this computer for forever days and personally ………

But I do have the ability to name a common one like…laptops keyboard clicking which is like a drum roll…the ‘No carbs’ diet! is it just me or do most people who actually believe this works are simply deluded 😀 I mean honestly now, I could not do without All Bran Flakes, grains, Cereal(in general) and fruit?- Erm yeah, all you ”I don’t eat carbs’ people, that apple you just ate.. it has carbs in it! *Gasp!* hahaha, on a serious note though, the no carb-high protein diet does not even work, I personally have never tried it but I have A LOT OF friends who have and you wanna know the inevitable truth? Most of them didn’t see a difference in anything, they just felt more sluggish and drained and looked it too! wanna know why? Carbs, grains- yeah them…they give us Energy! 😀 *gasp!* and we don’t actually require that much protein that, we need to eat high-protein #fact. Look it up if you think I’m talking Banana splits but it is true 😀 But if eating that way makes you feel happy then by all means do! I’m by no means a qualified dietician or anything, it’s my own opinion 🙂

Next is that if you are a Healthy person you ONLY eat veggies and fruit…erm since when? 😀 I mean yeah I love veggies and fruit- on a whole non-human way!, I wouldn’t be a Plant Based eater if I didn’t…’Plant’ Based 😉Always cracks me up :'D

But that doesn’t mean I ‘ONLY’ eat veggies and fruit, I also eat grains, legumes, protein sources such as tofu and egg whites, nuts- The list goes on people!

A couple other things I enjoy! :)

A couple other things I enjoy! 🙂

So personally I don’t think there is a criteria to being healthy! you are the healthiest YOU! only you can feel healthy and happy and that’s defined by you, so don’t let outside sources form your own opinion!

And I want to add a little ode to my fav snack bar ever! Nakd Bars( are my Jam! If only they knew how much I love them! too bad AGAIN South Africa doesn’t have an abundant supply of the flavours so, if natural balance( would here me and send some Nãkd bars I’d love to try their other flavours!

Mocha, Cacao Crunch, Cacao Delight, Banana Crunch- Soo many, too many to choose from!

Mocha, Cacao Crunch, Cacao Delight, Banana Crunch- Soo many, too many to choose from!

Question- What do you think? Is there a criteria to being healthy?


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