First Performance and Lately

Hi Guys! how is everyone today?? Doing good? doing grand? doing absolutely dandy?!

I hope you are :)! So guess what today was…Our first proper performance of Alice in Wonderland! 😀 it went well! besides the fact that I have…singing stage fright!

It’s really funny though, the way I can act no problem and dance like it’s my profession, but when it comes to singing in front of people..No Buenos! well okay, I’m being overly dramatic(I can be, it’s the perks of being a drama student ;)!) and everyone was like ‘you did so well though? doesn’t sound like you do!’ What they don’t know is that on stage, my chest closes up and I can barely breath! #cringe 😀 I feel like Jordin Sparks ft Chris Brown- No Air, is secretly playing in the background! No air, no AIIIIIIIR.

Other than that though it was really great! So fun, but I’ll also be happy once it’s done! 😀

On Thursday night, after my last performance, I am going to my guy friend’s house to sleep over(he isn’t there, he goes to boarding school), because I’m going to his Matric Dance(or ‘Prom’ for some!)..why do you ask? Because his boarding school is 6 hours OUT of Johannesburg, so we are leaving sooo early on Friday! 😀 he goes to like the ‘Elite’ boys boarding school, it’s sehr sehr formal..sense my lil posh accent there 😉

It’s going to be fun though! And guess what else I plan on doing this weekend…the day I come back from my guy friends boarding school- I have to go there on Friday morning, go to the dance, sleep over with his parents at some place..yeah they’re taking me down..6 hours in a car..I’ve met them once…moving on! and after I sleep over my ex-best guy friend’s mom is driving me back home- how WEIRD is that! I was like ermm..okay! 😀

Why is this all happening? well because my mum was suppose to take me down but she has a business trip and my father is a restaurateur so he can’t just jump on his sleigh and santa me up to the place the Matric Dance(or Prom ;)!) is being held! 😀 pheew, what a wordy explanation! lolz 😀 :’D

Totally side-tracked but the finer details had to be explained, so you have some backstory ya know 😉 anywho! the day I get back, that night as a matter of fact, there’s an after party for another schools matric dance(or Prom), and Iman wants to go clubbing! not sure if it is a good idea though 😀 what do you guys think? to HIT IT UP or to not hit it up?… Cheshire in Black

I’ll leave you with a couple HILARIOUS pics from the performance of me in my Mock Turtle costume- it’s a Turtle cross Cow..Like CatDog! Anyone else remember that Nickelodeon show? it was the bombfizzleday!IMG-20140311-WA003 IMG-20140311-WA000

wow we look silly

wow we look silly

Question- how has your week been? should I go to this party?!

Have a grand day! xx



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