AAH the big ‘OB’ word…see I know we all have very different obligations and responsibilities and one that I’ve seen pretty often is bloggers obligation towards their blog!

Now because I have an obligation towards my blog, does that mean I have to post something new Everyday? Every-Second day? Once a week?..hmmm

I don’t think, like many things in life, there is a specific amount or definite answer to the questions I often ask myself! what if sometimes I don’t have anything to blog about or talk to you guys about?

To be honest I believe that it doesn’t matter how many times a week I post as I don’t think it makes you a great blogger! I obviously want to keep in touch with all my readers but Life does get busy and I also sometimes just have nothing to post about and I’d rather post about cool, fun experiences and new news and what-not than just randomly post about nothing really!

I hope you guys are okay with that?

Love you all loads!

Imzie xx


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